It’s Rodeo Time!!!
Gila Bend AJRA Rodeo February 17 & 18, 2018

Gila Bend Rodeo Grounds 1440 E Pima St. Gila Bend, AZ

Gila Bend has put much time and $ into this weekend and the celebration of Butterfield Stage Days. There is a lot planned this weekend by the Town of Gila Bend & everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in all activities.
Lots of Information to download - be sure to read everything!

Getting to Gila Bend – If you plan on arriving to arena Saturday morning it will be necessary to use the Interstate 8 Bypass or Hwy 85 to gain access to grounds. Pima Rd will be closed for the parade until 10:00am.

Download Items -

Map of rodeo grounds
Gila Bend event details – provided by Gila Bend
Missing items list
Timer Assignments – if you would like to help time please send me an email so I can include you at next rodeo.
Rodeo Details & reminders – includes NEW order of events.

Butterfield Stage Days Rodeo Pageant Info - excited to see which AJRA cowgirls compete for the title of Princess & Queen.

Parade Entry Form

Carnaval Poster


NO Stalls available. Panels & Tie Ups are allowed.


Contestants and vendors will enter through the main gate. Spectators will enter through the pedestrian gate only. This is where you will get your tribute ribbon.

There are two sections inside the rodeo grounds reserved for contestant vehicles only. Once full, overflow contestant parking will be open in the Elks Lodge Parking Lot (west side of entry road)
- There is no parking fee for contestants, but we do ask the following:
- Must have name checked off entry list (help us to ensure onsite parking is for contestants only)
- Must have parking ticket hanger visible on rearview mirror at all times Spectator/VisitorContestants and vendors will enter through the main gate. Spectators will enter through the pedestrian gate only. This is where you will get your tribute ribbon.

Parking: In the Elks Parking lot (ease side of entry road). The Gila Bend High School Senior Class will be raising funds or their senior trip and are charging $5 for parking for spectators/visitors.

Try to keep your camps close together due to limited parking next to arenas. Additional parking is available across the street. ( see map)

Parade - If you want to participate in the parade, get in contact with Valerie Howell @928-699-1839. She is coordinating this event and is planning to have kids ride in the back of a few trucks with balloons, an AJRA banner, and hand out candy. If kids would rather walk or swing ropes around truck they can. Meet at 7:15 Sat morning at her trailer to load up. Please be in full dress code and let’s represent the AJRA and have some fun.

GRAND ENTRY We are not doing a ‘PERFORMANCE’ but will be doing a GRAND ENTRY at approx 12:00. All are encouraged to ride in arena horseback & are asked to participate in the special tribute the town is doing for a young man who was killed last month.
Here’s how the Grand Entry will run-
-When announced, all contestants will ride into arena, circle around and line up in center facing
grandstands, rodeo royalty will ride in at this time with contestants.
- Rodeo Royalty will ride forward when their names are announced & then make hot lap.
- Flags will be brought into arena, presented, & National Anthem played.
- Tribute to Ethan Gonzales (ribbons will be handed out upon entering the parking lot*)
- Prayer
- Contestants to follow the leader out of the arena

* “ We are asking everyone in possession of a ribbon to wrap it around your right wrist (however it works best). When you hear the words, “Hold ‘em high,” at the end of the dedication, we ask that you raise your right arm in the air so the teal ribbon is visible to Eythan’s family. Feel free to use a peace sign, the love sign, a fist, or a simple hand in the air.”

We will be running two arenas! Order of events will be as follows
*note varying start times

Queen/Princess Contestants

Gila Bend will be hosting a Butterfiled Stage Days Rodeo Pageant in conjunction with the rodeo we are producing for them. All girls are invited to participate.

The pageant events consist of horsemanship, speech, poise and personality, and interview questions. Contestants need to also be prepared to attend required appearances for sponsors, media interviews and the Butterfield Stage Days Parade and Rodeo.
The opportunity to represent the Butterfield Stage Days Rodeo for one year is a great honor! To prepare our Queen/Princess to hold the title of Miss Butterfield Stage Days Rodeo Queen/Princess, all contestants will be expected to follow all rules and regulations along with meeting each of the eligibility requirements listed on the following pages.
Download the Butterfiled Stage Days Rodeo Pageant Packet

Arena Schedule:
10:00 start time on Saturday. 8:00 start time on Sunday.

10:00/ 8:00 – Main arena

10:00/8:00 – Second arena


6-18 Barrels
13-15 barrels
9-12 barrels
4-8 barrels
GRAND ENTRY approx 12:00
4-8 Calf Riding
9-12 Steer Riding
16-18 chute dogging
13-15 chute dogging
9-12 calf touch
16-18 calf roping
13-15 calf roping
9-12 boys breakaway
16-18 breakaway
13-15 breakaway 9-12 breakaway
16-18 Ribbon roping
13-15 ribbon roping
9-12 ribbon roping
4-8 team roping
9-12 team roping
13-15 team roping
16-18 team roping
4-8 calf riding
9-12 steer riding

4-8 goats
9-12 boys goats
16-18 goats
13-15 goats
9-12 goats
16-18 poles
13-15 poles
9-12 pole
4-8 pole

Wells Fargo Stage Coach - Be advised that the Wells Fargo stage coach will be making its way to and around the perimeter of arena before parking for pictures after the parade. Some horse will be frightened by this and may need to be tied up to ensure no injuries to themselves or others.


Below are important changes that have been made to the 2017/2018 rule book. Please familiarize yourself with them as they will be in effect the first rodeo. Any questions contact Tammy or an event director.

Download the Rule Changes PDF

Download the complete 2017-2018 Rule Book




Congratulations to Our Raffle Winners:

Traeger Grill & Beef Raffle

Winner- Patrick Martinez of Oro Valley, AZ
winning ticket sold by the Padilla Family

50/50 Cash Raffle

Winner – Rick Lenham of Casa Grande, AZ
winning ticket sold by Boyle Family.

Thanks to all who supported the AJRA
contestants by purchasing tickets.




Congratulations to Our All Aound Champions and Reserve Champions

Great Season Everyone!


4-8 AA Cowgirl Breanna English
Reserve- Clay Jean Bryson

4-8 AA Cowboy Buck Bennett
Reserve- Sean Bastin

9-12 AA Cowgirl Brylee Banning
Reserve- Dallas Jo Keenan

9-12 AA Cowboy Ketch Kelton
Reserve- Denton Dunning

13-15 AA Cowgirl Cassie Miller
Reserve- Elisa Rose

13-15 AA Cowboy Colton Guin
Reserve- Jackson Clark

16-18 AA Cowgirl Baylee Johnston
Reserve- Sami Wengert

16-18 AA Cowboy Ritner Browning
Reserve - Sam Garside


Thank You To Our Great Sponsors!!

Your support will ensure that the AJRA continues to be a positive influence in the lives of numerous children who train, compete and give their all. If you would like to be part of their success, please complete the sponsorship form.

Let’s support them and tell them thanks!


Hay’s Trailer Sales
Sunland Asphalt
Taco Bell Cave
Campwood Cattle Co.
Spooner Physical Therapy
Casa Grande Cairy
Prestine Cleaners
Morton Realty Team
Lazy M Cattle Co.
AZ Saw & Removal
Berge Ford

Imperial Trailer Sales
Imperial Barns
Creek Pro Rodeo
Tremp Organization
Cowboy Lifestyle Network
Bumble Bee Ranch
Advanced Therapy Solutions
Mullins Painting
Casey’s Auto Repair
Hashknife Ranch





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